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The smart Design solution for growing businesses

Working with Herd gives you access to top talent without big agency overheads. Herd consultants assemble on a project by project basis, bringing the specific skills required. A bit like the Avengers, but with post-its and Macbooks!

We deploy rather than permanently employ. This model is more cost-effective for our clients, because trust us, that biscuit budget would soon add up if we had bums on seats the whole time!

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Our values

Stuff we really believe in

With credit and apologies to the wonderful Anthony Burrill, for adapting his famous poster, we do strongly believe in work ethic and relationship building through proper partnership, but lets elaborate a little:

Think big, start small
Nothing great happens without thinking ambitiously, but once you have the big vision, what's the smallest thing you can test?
Outcomes over output
We don't produce designs - ok, we do, but not for the sake of it. Our eyes are always on the prize of what we must do for client and customer.
Proper partnership
We see it as out duty to understand the business of the clients we work for properly. This is what makes us a contributor on our team.
Empower the client
Part of solving problems for our clients is the design we produce useable for them. We think in systems to use, not assets to bang out.
A print on a wall which reads: "Work Herd and be nice to people"


Committed. To delivering exceptional work for our clients.


Years experience. Statistical proof that our founder, Rob has been doing this for a while!


Community members. Herd began as a community for founders, makers and side-hustlers and we continue to provide opportunities to connect.


Office dogs. Rob's love wife is allergic to pet fur.
Our process

Invest less to get to the best

We can move from Discovery to Delivering results quickly. Our flexible process and brimming toolbox scales up and down with the needs of your project.

Our Team

Meet the Founder

Rob has had a lot of job titles in a career that has spanned Graphic Design, Advertising, Financial institutions, Product Start-ups and the Charity sector.

"First and foremost, I'm a Designer..." said Rob, as he interviewed himself. "Design is figuring out the bit that sits between businesses, their customers and what they are each trying to achieve. I'll never not be excited by all the possibilities in there."

Well said, Rob! Please call Rob for a two-way conversation.

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Rob Edwards
Founder and Design Director

I'm energetic, empathetic, relentlessly curious and action-oriented!

I have 18 years experience as a Designer, 7 years in building and leading User Experience teams and my skills fit naturally at the convergence of purposeful brands and empowering technology.

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If you're a brilliant self-employed Creative, Designer, Strategist, Technologist or Facilitator, we want to hear from you about what you can do.